We are committed to a human approach to wealth management. That means we pick up the phone on the first or second ring. And if not, it's because we are on a call and will call you back within the day. We work for you and your money.

Our client experience is rooted in these fundamental promises and benefits:

  • As your fiduciary, we partner with you. Together, we create a real-life financial plan, meeting you where you are and then creating a strategy that takes into account your wants and understands your needs, goals, and tolerance for volatility. All to make sure your money gets you to where you want to be in a safe, predictable, and transparent way. 
  • We actually ask you to write down your wants. Harvard asked its graduating class if they had written goals. Only 3% did. At the ten-year class reunion, the same question was asked again. The 3% that had written goals were 10X more likely to have achieved them.
  • We provide Weekly Coaching Calls. Whether you want to talk to us about how to handle your 25-year-old daughter calling you with a $7,000 credit card bill that she wants you to pay off. Or because you are really interested in having a core position in Tesla or the Uranium sector. Or you are interested in buying into a REIT that is guaranteeing a 9.5% return over the next five years. We will talk through the pros and cons of all of your money choices and leave you with clear next steps. 
  • We want you to be an even better manager of your money. We teach you to ask even better questions about how to spend, save and grow. We know that the better questions you are taught to ask the better we both will be in managing and growing your money. Asking the right questions is 95% of the game. 
  • We provide you with your own WEALTH DASHBOARD. We want you to have clarity, control, and understanding of what is going on with all of your money, not just the money we manage for you. The Wealth Dashboard™ is a powerfully simple tool we use that will instantly tell you how you are doing. And if something is not working, the Dashboard tells you immediately what needs to be adjusted. Our clients love the feeling of empowerment that we facilitate. They know their entire net worth is on the right path, not just because we told them, but because they can see it with their own eyes. 
  • We share all our tools and investment strategies with you. We want you to have all the same access and understanding that we do. We want you to be well informed about the why and when and how of our approach. Our goal is to greatly minimize or even eliminate market anxiety from your life. And part of the way we accomplish this is by letting you in and showing you how it all works. 

If you’d like to see how your money management experience would be different with us, the next step is always the easiest. 

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