Client Experience

Add 10 Good Years To Life.

Our client's don’t want risk scores. They want outcomes. They want protection. They want growth. They want transparency The quality of one's life and how they spend their time is everything in retirement.

We are committed to making sure our clients maintain the lifestyle, have very little market stress and see their money growing and being protected.

Our clients want to know they will be okay. Not because we tell them but because they can see it. 

Our client appreciates that we partner with Charles Schwab and are able to leverage their platform and experience. Our clients appreciate that we do not outsource investing or any investing strategies to third parties. Our experience is rooted in SIX fundamental promises and benefits:

(1) Access. We are easy to get a hold of and talk to. We typically pick up on the first ring. 

(2) As your fiduciary, we partner with you. Our clients are smart and skeptical. They want to work with someone that can bring new ideas, questions and thinking to their money management that they cannot. It’s a “together process.” 

Together, we create a real-life living plan, meeting them where they are and creating a strategy that takes into account what actually works, while providing them with both coaching and planning. 

(3) Weekly Calls. Every Tuesday we jump on a video call and review market performance and point out relevant changes and talk about any strategy updates or portfolio positions. We share our market research with our clients that has a direct impact on the economy, their money and their future choices. 

(4) Even Better. We teach our clients to ask even better questions about how to spend, save and grow their wealth. We know that the better questions our clients are taught to ask the better we both will be in managing and growing their wealth. Asking the right questions is 95% of winning the game. 

(5) WEALTH DASHBOARD. We want our clients to have clarity, control, and understanding of what is going on with all of their money, not just the money we manage but their whole picture. Think of the The Wealth Dashboard™ as a living / breathing financial plan that tells you exactly where you are on any given day. It's a powerful tool we use that instantly tells a client if they are alright. And if not, what they need to adjust immediately.  

Our clients know whether or not they are on the right path. And not just because we told them or run a software program once a year, but because they can see it with their own eyes. 

(6) Real Transparency. We share all our tools and investment strategies with our clients. We want our clients to have the same access and understanding that we do. We want our clients to be well informed about the why, when and how of our approach. Our goal is to greatly minimize or even eliminate market anxiety from our clients' lives.

Upgrade Your Portfolio. And add 10 good years to life. 

How - The next step is the easiest. It always has been. Schedule a 15-minute Discovery call with us. We want to know what you want? And to talk to you a bit about who are best clients are.

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