We manage money differently.
We keep our money management approach powerfully simple.

Simple...not simplistic. You can follow, understand, and explain to your loved ones what is going on with your life savings. This is very important. Why? Because a lot of the anxiety people feel originates from their Big-Box Advisors' approach—not the market itself. We think that is a problem. 

At Fearless Wealth, we operate
by 3 Core Principles:

Eliminate Over-Diversification

We believe almost all Big-Box Advisors have their clients over-diversified. Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because an over-diversified portfolio does not grow your money better in good times, nor does it protect your money better during really bad times.

You literally just have a lot of symbols that create complexity, complication, and confusion for you. Your money is not safer. Your money is not growing better. And your life savings isn’t providing more for you and your family. Again, you literally just own more symbols. We think that is a problem.

The Unbeatable Index

There are two indexes that are nearly impossible to beat over any seven-year rolling period. Literally, nearly all investors (professional or novice) cannot perform better than these two unbeatable indexes. Yep. Not even Buffett. We know this method is not popular. But darn, is it effective. Look,  we are not in high school attempting to win a student council vote based on popularity. This is your life savings we are talking about.

Market-Based Rebalancing

Big-Box Advisors think the market cares about your age and how you answered those seven risk tolerance questions on that Tuesday so long ago.

Yes, we want to know your tolerance to losses and what income you will want /need from your money. But that is separate from rebalancing.

We have to watch what the market is doing. No one wants to have 100% bonds during a 12-year period when the stock market is in a strong stable up trend. And no one wants to have 100% stocks during a three-year bear market sell-off.

The Big-Box Advisor will tailor your entire approach based on how you answered those seven questions in that one moment of time. And not take into consideration how the market is currently performing. We think that is a problem.

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How Our Approach Worked During
Extreme Periods Of Market Instability:

Why such a difference in performance?

When an advisor eliminates over-diversification, clearly understands the value of having the unbeatable index as a core position, and implements ‘market-based rebalancing’ their client’s money behaves differently. Even in those rarer but still common times when the market can fall 50% to 80%. 

There’s a better way.

How Our Approach Worked During
Extreme Periods Of Market Stability:

Why such similar performance?

We weren’t over-diversified. We kept it simple. We rebalanced based on the market and leveraged the use of the Unbeatable Indexes. And even in those rarer but still common times when the market can fall 50% to 80% we minimized losses.

There is a better way.


The secret is to minimize losses. When you lose 50% you have to grow that same amount by 100%. But if you only lose 20% you only need to grow that existing money by 25%. We’d much prefer to only have to grow something by 25% to get our clients back to break even. And yet the Big-Box Advisor world beats the drum on taking the entire loss. 

If you’d like to see if this approach might work for your money, you can connect with us below. 

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