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First, you have to eliminate what is called Replication from your portfolio. And second, you must implement an approach to manage bear market losses.

Most people have been taught to answer a few risk questions on a Tuesday that somehow always get them allocated into a 60/40, 70/30 or 80/20 stock | bond approach. And then the only thing that will change that allocation is their birthday going from 59 to 60 and so forth. We think this is a very outdated approach. And one that does not take into account what is actually happening in the real world. Like inflation. And debt. And bear markets. And bull markets.

At Fearless Wealth, we operate
by Three Principles:

Eliminate Replication

We believe almost all investors have been taught to be over-diversified, even those who think they aren't. The problem is that an over-diversified portfolio doesn't actually grow your money better in bull markets, nor does it protect your money better in bear markets.

An over-diversified portfolio creates complexity, complication, and confusion for you. Your money is not safer, nor is it growing better. You, the investor, literally just owns more symbols. We think that is a problem. There's a better way.

Bear Market Protection

There are two indexes that are nearly impossible to beat over any seven-year rolling period. Literally, nearly all investors (professional or novice) cannot outperform these two unbeatable indexes overtime.

We believe investors should take advantage and own what no one can beat as a foundational position. There's a better way.

Partner With Experts
We want to know your tolerance to losses and what income you will want /need from your money. And we believe the market is better at telling us how long and how much you should be allocated to the market.

Most would agree that being heavily invested in bonds during a long-term bull market does not maximize your performance. And nor would someone want to be fully exposed to the stock market during long bear markets. There's a better way.

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Bear Market Performance Numbers...

As shown in the above bear market performance numbers we limited our clients downside losses. So how did we do that? We eliminated over-diversification. We owned the unbeatable index as a core position. And we implemented our ‘market-based rebalancing’ approach to guard against the impact of large market falls.

There’s a better way.

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